Club des nouilles

Pasta products are scarce

It may be a staple in your cupboards, but for people who come to Moisson Estrie to get assistance, pasta is so rare that it is considered a luxury product.

By joining the Noodles Club, you enable us to ensure a stable supply of pasta and other rare foodstuffs!

Advantages of joining the Noodles Club

  • Access to certain privileges exclusive to members (draws, special activities)
  • Annual tax receipt
  • The fulfilling feeling of contributing to an important cause.

Your donation X 12

The value of your donation to Moisson Estrie is multiplied by 12, thanks to our partnerships. This means that a monthly donation of $ 10 allows us to redistribute the equivalent of $ 120 worth of pasta, coffee, flour, sugar, oil, and other items that are often missing from our shelves.

Very few investments produce such a worthy return.

Please fill out the form below to join our Noodles Club.