Preventive measures – March 17, 2020

Please note that until further notice, Moisson Estrie activities are ongoing (collections from grocery stores, redistribution to organizations, support for individuals in need, and food transformation).

With schools being closed and persons living in confinement, requests for food assistance are likely to increase. We are working with the Food Banks network to find means and resources to meet the needs of persons who require food assistance.

We agree that we must all contribute to collective efforts to limit the propagation of the virus, and we are taking the recommended precautions. Here are some of the measures that we are implementing to protect everyone:

Avoid contacts and gatherings

  • We are in favour of social distancing and avoid all contacts such as handshakes, kisses and hugs. Individual meetings are suspended, and gatherings in the waiting room and the cafeteria are also limited.
  • In the social market and the cafeteria, we disinfect everything that comes in contact with many users (shopping carts, doors, purchase terminal, etc.). We reduce the handling of items as much as possible. We recommend that meals be eaten outside of our premises (please take them to your workplace or home).
  • Non-urgent and non-essential meetings are being postponed or held by videoconference or telephone.
  • Please note that Moisson Estrie is also coping with a decrease in staff availability to carry out daily duties. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Volunteer work

  • To ensure that prevention is prioritized, we ask that persons aged 70 years and over, individuals with poor health, and people at risk avoid visiting our facility.
  • Moisson Estrie follows public health instructions to not propagate the virus. We provide safe environments for those who wish to lend a hand.
  • All of the Moisson operations in Quebec need volunteers to help them operate smoothly and to distribute foodstuffs. If you have no symptoms (cough, fever, cold) and have not travelled abroad in the past 14 days, and if you do not live with a person who has travelled, we encourage you to contact us to offer your services. Please contact Marie-Sol Pronovost at 819 822-6025, ext. 46.

Organizations served

  • Our 2020 HUNGER COUNT is cancelled for this year; it will not be postponed. We will use the 2019 statistics to determine the percentage of redistribution of foodstuffs among organizations and will make adjustments based on new organization registrations.
  • Please advise us as soon as possible of any changes to your regular operations or of any closures. We are working non-stop to serve you and to ensure that we offer the greatest possible number of items, in spite of this unprecedented situation; we will adjust redistribution according to activities.

These measures may not be perfect, but they have required that we quickly mobilize all of our staff at Moisson Estrie, businesses, affiliated organizations, and recipients. We are truly grateful for these efforts. Through the sustained cooperation of all of our stakeholders, we will meet our goals and make it through this crisis.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Let’s continue to maintain this wave of solidarity. Stay safe!

Geneviève Côté
Executive Director