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Are you in a difficult financial situation? Are you going through tough times?

  • Loss of employment
  • Sickness
  • Separation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Social assistance
  • Unemployment
  • Student
  • Old age security
  • Other

We can help.

I need help
Call us at 819 562-5840 or SEND US AN EMAIL or use our request for assistance form to make an appointment.

A 30-minute meeting with a food assistance officer is all that is required for us to assess your case.

For your appointment, you will need:

  • Proof of revenue (allowances, social assistance, unemployment benefits, etc.)
  • Lease or rent payment receipt
  • Reusable bags (3-4) or transportation bags

Plan for transportation home with your groceries.

Food assistance

Moisson Estrie has been offering food assistance services by appointment to individuals and families of the Eastern Townships since 1998.

When referred to us by a professional or a support network, each request for food assistance is processed during the first meeting where the individual’s eligibility will be assessed.

Respect and attentiveness

Food assistance officers meet one-on-one with applicants to explain how the food bank works.

At this meeting, individuals are asked to explain the situation that has led up to their request for assistance. Each applicant is treated with attentiveness and respect. Officers tailor the frequency of assistance to the individual’s specific needs and make referrals to the appropriate resources.

Social market

Applicants visit the social market, where they can choose the items they need, while respecting certain rules regarding the quantity and variety of products.

Also, some fresh products (milk, bread, eggs, etc.) are available at a reduced price in our what we call our “small store”. These purchases must be paid in cash.